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The Atacama Desert is definitely a unique place in the world where one can feel like on another planet. It is located in the Antofagasta region, to the north of Chile, sharing borders with Bolivia and Argentina.

The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world, and it rises more than 4,000 metres height from the Andean Plateau. It is a location full of energy, thanks to its cozy ancestral cultures and its oases which are a source of life.

The salt flats, geysers, the impressive blue lagoons, starry skies and the exceptional geography of its lands are some of the attractions of the desert, which becomes the perfect scenery for outdoor activities in a dream scenario.

Unique experiences

Bike the desert
Bike ride through multicolored walls to observe the typical fauna and varied flora of the desert.
Horse rides
Horseback riding through stunning sand dunes.
Puritama Hot Springs
Fun hike to Puritama Hot Springs to relax and enjoy the amazing landscapes.
Andean fauna
Overland through the Geysers enjoying along the way the Andean fauna –including vicuñas, flamingos, foxes, and others.
Outdoor food
Picnic outdoor dinner under the stars, at the most important valleys of the desert.